About NYMR

Not Your Mother’s Ramen is brought to you by me, The Wizard, AKA The One Who Makes The Magic Happen, AKA The Funny WoMan, AKA Tickle Me Elmo, AKA A Waste of Grad School, AKA Gets Drunk Off One Can Of National Bohemian, AKA Nattibo.

Just who the fuck is this Nattibo chick, anyway??


Raised in the tough streets of suburbia Maryland, this ethnically ambiguous but probably some kinda Azn whirlwind shot straight from womb to noodle bowl as soon as she could gum through soft foods. Since then, she’s been noshing on the strange, the foreign, the decadent and forgotten, all the while spinning themes to whet your taste buds and tickle your funny bone with memes danker than 3d centaur porn and twice as long. Welcome to my playground, bitches.